F* Yeah Dresden Files!


Omg I love this series


Omg I love this series

Hey guys, just popping in again to help my friend out. I think she’s got two or three fics up if you wanna go read over them. I think they’re great, but I kinda suck at writing so I’m easy to please haha!

Give her a follow if you like ‘em!

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So, a friend of mine who also likes The Dresden Files started up a blog so she could write fics based in The Dresdenverse with her own original characters. She intends to write whether or not she has followers, but she wouldn’t complain if people enjoyed her writing. She also wouldn’t mind if some people wanted to join in and have original characters interact with hers, or even if someone wanted to play Dresden or something eventually.

Anyway, give her a follow. She’s just started the blog so she hasn’t got a fic up yet, but I think she’s working on one now so it should be posted within the next couple of days. Most of the info is on there, though, so if you like reading fan fics check it out!

Now, to sleep with me. Work in the morning. Hope everyone is doing well! :)

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waxillium asked: "Not really a ask, more just saying I'm so nearly done my reread of the dreading files before I get to cold days and just read the fist chapter of changes and dunno if harry is more shocked by Susan's news or macs ability to form a whole sentence"

I don’t think that Dresden is ever NOT surprised about something! Poor guy gets something new thrown at him every dang day!

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ensignw-deactivated20130725 asked: "Hey! I miss you. How are you?"

I miss you back! Ad thank you for asking! I’m doing alright, just working nearly every hour of very day. I wish I had more time to spend on this blog, I miss all of you terribly. I’ll try my best to get on soon and get some of the things I’ve promised done. I hate letting you guys down!

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Harry Dresden, Winter Knight, Targets Slain,No Barbecues, Waterslides, or Firework Displays

Harry Dresden, Winter Knight, Targets Slain,
No Barbecues, Waterslides, or Firework Displays

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